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Dunning-Kruger Effect

Personality and Social Psychology

Dunning-Kruger Effect
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Why do people think they are so clever when they are really so stupid ?

Social Loafing

Social Psychology

Social Loafing
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Scientific proof that individuals put in less effort, participate less and contribute less when part of a group.

Gaming Addiction in Students

Children Health

Gaming Disorder
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When is excessive gaming a disease?
Where to get help?

Sleep Derived?


Sleep Derived?
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Prolonged lack of sleep may result in brain diseases later in life.

Non-academic factors that affect grades


What are some non-academic factors that affect grades?
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Poor study environment, lack of supervision, poor learning attitude, excessive screen time.



Frequently Asked Questions
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Accelerate Learning. Holistic Education. Effective parenting. Common Issues.

MoE Primary Schools and MoE Secondary Schools in Singapore

Education in Singapore

MoE Primary and Secondary Schools
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List of Primary Schools.
Secondary One Admission Options.

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